Brie and Sweets Gift Basket

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  • Commemorate life’s big and small moments with this beautiful gift basket that comes complete with the perfect selection of sweet and savory treats. Keep your taste buds guessing with the sweetness of cookies from The Shortbread Bakery, delightful Ice wine infused dark chocolates by Canada True and the exquisite savory flavors of Maple Glazed Wild Smoked Salmon. With an array of impressive treats on offer, the Brie and Sweets Gift Basket, is the perfect present for every occasion.

  • Monarch Assorted Chocolate Truffles - These rich and delicious Monarch Gourmet Chocolate Truffles are complete with an original, savoury chocolate flavour for your pleasure.

    Castello Gourmet Brie - You can depend on this elegant, high quality Castello Gourmet Brie cheese for a refreshing, original flavour. This Danish gourmet delight would be the perfect gift for cheese lovers.

    Lake of Bays Cranberry Apple Jam - The fresh and fruit taste of Lake of Bays Cranberry Apple Jam is a delightful spread choice for your fresh bread.

    Ceramic Brie Baker - A professionally crafted Ceramic Brie Baker to ensure you a delightful baking experience and fresh preparation for your gourmet foods.

    Butter Knife - An expertly crafted butter knife to help delightfully spread fresh butter on gourmet foods.

    The Shortbread Bakery Original Gourmet Shortbread Cookies -  Enjoy these delicious Original Gourmet Shortbread cookies from The Shortbread Bakery. The creamy, buttery flavour of these freshly prepared, gourmet shortbread cookies are for your enjoyment.

    SAP Maple Syrup - Sweet and savoury SAP Maple Syrup is a wonderful choice to enhance the flavour of your pancakes.

    SeaChange Seafoods Maple Glazed Wild Smoked Salmon - Enjoy the unique, exquisite flavour of SeaChange Seafoods Maple Glazed Wild Smoked Salmon. The original, savoury taste of this Maple Glazed Smoked Salmon is sure to pleasure your taste buds.

    Spudniks Kool Ketchup Kettle Chips - Enjoy these freshly prepared, savoury Spudniks Kool Ketchup Kettle Chips. These finger licking, ketchup flavoured Kettle chips are made with high quality ingredients for you enjoyment.

    Canada True Icewine Flavoured Dark Chocolates - Scrumptious, Icewine Flavoured Dark Chocolates from Canada True. Made with a rich and delicious dark chocolate flavour for your pleasure.

    Serving Tray - This professionally crafted serving tray will give you a delightful dining experience.

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