Wholesale Gift Baskets

Great for Florists, Gift Basket Co's

All of our Wholesale Gift Baskets can be purchased in bulk and can be mixed and matched by you to receive the best prices.  The prices will be adjusted by our online shopping cart as you add more baskets of differing styles. The Wholesale Gift Baskets illustrated below can be purchased at our location or online and shipped to you. If you would like to pickup a large number of baskets, please give us a quick call to ensure that we have enough Wholesale Gift Baskets in stock. To ensure that you receive the best price for these gift baskets, we cannot permit any changes to the products that are included in the baskets.If you would like to customize our Wholesale Gift Baskets, please feel to contact us so that we can provide detaled pricing. Bows and cellophane are normally attached to our Wholesale Gift Baskets. Pull Bows can be left in their bags and “un-pulled” so that they are not damaged when shipping. Greeting cards are not included in the prices below. If you would like us to deliver your baskets to your customers, we do provide this drop shipping service.  Please contact us for more details.