Bountiful Treats Gourmet Gift Set

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  • Savor the varied notes of sweetness with this curated hamper complete with a great variety of some of fine, sweet treats. The Bountiful Treats Gourmet Gift Set makes for a great present no matter what the occasion. Whether it’s the exquisite Monarch handmade gourmet truffles or the delightful Maple liqueur chocolates, this package has something for everyone.

  • Monarch Fine Gourmet Chocolate Truffles - These rich and delicious Monarch Fine Chocolate Gourmet Truffles are complete with an original, savoury chocolate flavour for your pleasure. These gourmet chocolate truffles are the perfect gift for someone special.

    Spudniks Caramel Corn Popcorn - The delightful, sweet taste of Spudniks Caramel Corn popcorn is one that will greatly pleasure your snacking experience. The perfect gift for your friends or someone special to make watching movies much more enjoyable

    Assorted Dried Fruit - Delicious and freshly prepared Assorted Dried Fruit, great for a healthy option during a meal for your enjoyment.

    Ceramic Serving Dish - This elegant, expertly crafted Ceramic Serving Dish will give a pleasurable experience for any meal.

    SAP Maple Syrup - Sweet and savoury SAP Maple Syrup is a wonderful choice to enhance the flavour of your pancakes.

    Canada True Maple Fudge - This delightful soft Canada True Maple Fudge is a delicious gourmet treat enjoyable as a tasty snack or paired with some delightful chocolate chip cookies

    Ceramic Coffee Mug - This beautiful, professionally crafted Ceramic Coffee Mug will make drinking coffee even more enjoyable.

    Salem Baking Co. Moravian Cookies - Salem Baking Co.’s Moravian Cookies will give you a truly pleasurable experience with its rich and flavourful chocolate sensation.

    Canada True Maple Tea - The elegant, sweet flavour of Canada True Maple Tea will give you a relaxing and pleasurable experience.

    Canada True Maple Liqueur Chocolates - Canada True Maple Liqueur Chocolates bring a sweet and exquisite taste with its combination of chocolate and maple goodness for your enjoyment.

    Handcrafted Muskoka Serving Tray - This professionally crafted, Muskoka Serving Tray is perfect for serving your gourmet treats during any occasion.

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