Wholesale Crinkle - Cello - Green - 40 lb.

Baskets & Boards

We offer the most remarkable collection of decorative shreds for gift baskets. We don't stop there, though. We exceed your expectations for quality and turning orders around quickly in in crunch times!

Crinkle Cut Cello Shred

Our shred makes the workplace a better place.

Crinkle Cut shred requires no fluffing and manipulating. In one clean motion, a gift packer grabs the appropriate amount of shred and fills up the container. Speaking of clean, that's another great benefit: since you don't need to pull at it to puff it out, Crinkle Cut shred creates little-to-no dust, leading to a better workplace and happy gift packers.    

In-Stock Sizes:

40 Lb. Carton 10 Lb. Carton 1 lb bag

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