Perth Pepper & Pestle Spicy Bombay Red Pepper Jelly

Perth Pepper & Pestle


This terrific jelly has tantalizing sweet and sour notes and a lingering medium heat that presents itself very late in the flavour profile allowing all flavours to develop in the mouth before the heat wave is introduced. The curry overtones are subtly balanced by roasted garlic providing depth to the citrusy, playful pepper jelly flavours. Great with BBQ lamb, pork ribs and chicken. Terrific glaze for a ham. Try it as a glaze when barbequing such fruits as pineapple, peach halves, star fruit or grapefruit. When baking vegetables, try this curry condiment on squash, roast potatoes or parsnips. It is the perfect addition to any sauces or dressings for vegetable stir frys, samosas, roasted cauliflower, grain salads…. Garnish with chopped cilantro / basil, toasted pecans, and ribboned coconut.

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